At A Mother’s Choice, safety is our first priority and concern.  We take great care in making sure no stone is unturned and all safety precautions are taken.

Here are just a few things we do to make sure your little one is safe.  The list is endless, and we are always available to discuss the policies and procedures we have in place as well as entertain any ideas or suggestions you may have to make our environment safer for your child.

Building Safety

  • Coded entry to building/center
  • All fire safety requirements are met: exit signs, extinguishers, drills, etc.
  • Daily building safety checks
  • Daily playground safety checks
  • Cleaning supplies are kept out of reach and/or locked away
  • Monthly fire and weather drills
  • Audio/visual supervision (updating in Spring 2014)
  • Swipe card entry (updating in Spring 2014)

Staff Coverage and Training

  • Teachers/staff are all CPR certified.
  • All staff are food-handler trained and certified by the State Health Department.
  • All staff must complete yearly safety training hours.
  • All DPRS requirements are met and/or exceeded regarding safety.
  • FULL criminal history check including fingerprinting and background checks.
  • Additional staff / aides to provide additional supervision and aide teachers when needed.
  • Additional staff / aides on field trips to provide additional supervision and aide teachers.
  • Teacher’s purses/bags/backpacks are kept in teacher break room and not in reach of children.
  • Permanent substitute teachers onsite aiding year round so that when children’s main teacher is out they easily transition and are familiar with this substitute. It also ensures the substitute has undergone all criminal background checks.

Child Safety

  • Teachers routinely check attendance when moving class throughout the building and during activities.
  • Teachers carry all emergency contacts with them at all times.
  • Teachers have access to phones at all times.
  • Children are only released to authorized parents. All other authorized pick-up persons are identified and must present state issued identification each time.
  • All transportation buses go through a rigorous inspection and are maintained properly.

Child Health

  • Depending on illness, a note is required from doctor to return to center.
  • Meals are cut into small pieces to avoid choking hazards
  • Medication is only dispensed by the director and kept in the office refrigerator or cabinet away from all children.
  • All medication must be authorized by a doctor, not expired, and in the original container.
  • No diaper cream or topical cream will be administered without doctor approval and authorization.


  • Onsite full-time housekeeper to maintain a clean and healthy environment. This is very unusual in most centers as it is not cost effective, however, we believe that teachers should not be distracted with cleaning duties, but rather focus their full attention on the children.
  • Meals served in our dining area, family style, not classrooms – this ensures a clean and healthy classroom environment free of food, crumbs, etc. It also promotes a healthy social time for children to interact and engage in the day’s activities and learn healthy eating habits from peers and teachers.
  • Continual hand-washing and sanitation stations. Children and staff are encouraged to continually wash hands before entering classrooms, cafeteria, eating areas, etc. The center also has hand sanitation stations encouraging all who enter our building to help us keep germ free.
  • Postings throughout building and bathroom areas encouraging, promoting and showing proper hand washing techniques.

Please refer to our parent handbook for many more steps we take to ensure safety in our building, on our playground and in our classrooms. Safety is our priority!