Our Curriculum

A Mother’s Choice offers award-winning & proven curriculum for children aged 18 mos to Pre-K.

Get Set for School™ - This curriculum is a proven success in preparing students for kindergarten. This award-winning curriculum was developed almost 10 years ago in response to requests for hands-on teaching materials and strategies that would make learning fun and easy for children. Get Set for School features readiness & writing, language & literacy, and numbers & math programs that incorporate the same special ingredients to foster success. Get Set for School will bring classrooms to life as your children sing, play, color and build their way toward a lifetime of joyful learning

Handwriting Without Tears - Millions of students all over the world use Handwriting Without Tears, an easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn curriculum for students and their teachers. Research supports the active teaching of handwriting and demonstrates that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills. This curriculum uses Common Core State Standards for grades K–5.

Frog Street Press - Our curriculum for our students 18 mos – 2 years age group integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. The program is engaging for both teachers and children and is filled with songs, music, hands-on materials and activities that stimulate the children’s imagination.

Numbers & Math – We demystify numbers and make math concepts relevant and fun for children. With playful manipulatives, music, and rhymes, our numbers and math program teaches counting, comparisons, spatial awareness, patterning, sequencing, matching, sorting, problem solving, and even geometry skills. Our program helps students build number sense right from the start. They also get time to play with real objects and test their ideas so that math becomes real and meaningful. Children also develop oral language that helps them learn about and express math concepts.

Language & Literacy – Children begin developing language skills from the moment they are born. Our language and literacy program actively teaches syllables, names and sounds of letters, words linked to content, new words in spoken language, how to respond to simple questions, and how to have discussions and share ideas. The program focuses on building a rich vocabulary so that children learn a word’s meaning and what a word represents so they begin to understand the network of concepts that goes with it. Children also learn the difference between drawing and writing, associate books with reading, ‘read’ environmental print, and ultimately learn the many benefits of early reading and writing.

Readiness & Writing – This program incorporates child-friendly teaching strategies, such as using music and movement to bring lessons to life, and multisensory manipulatives to build fine and gross motor skills. Our readiness and writing lessons teach body awareness, cooperation, taking turns, listening, crayon grip, drawing, building, letter and number recognition, capital letter and number formation. Physical development and social/behavioral skills are particularly important in Pre-K. In fact, children need to develop both fine and gross motor skills to be able to write. All these skills are critical to good emotional and social development and future academic performance.

In Addition To Our Core Curriculum ….

Science & Discovery: A fun and fascinating hands on approach to science. Children will explore and experiment as they learn.

Spanish/Sign Language taught in class on a daily basis.

Arts & Crafts /Cooking: Our children go beyond just finger-painting. We enjoy lessons with clay, pottery, textures, and use our imagination to create masterpieces! In addition, once a week our children make a special recipe to take home, while exploring, learning and using their math skills.

Gardening: Our children enjoy growing organic melons, zucchinis, squash, berries, corn, and many more healthy and tasty veggies as they tend to a garden they themselves create and care for. Once harvested, they reap the rewards by enjoying special meals and snacks.

Field Trips/Learning on the Go: We believe that learning is best when a “hands on approach “ is taken. Children have a wonderful time on field trips as they have fun, explore and learn.

Chapel/Bible Story Time: AMC is and has been a Christian-based center since 1998. We teach the Word of God, believe in prayer, as well as offer a fun Puppet Ministry that teach moral values and lessons.

Recess/Play Time: What’s the point of being a kid if you aren’t having any fun?! Here at AMC we have three main rules: practice safety, show respect, and have fun! And that’s just what we do here on our beautiful tree-shaded play area.

Our playscape is not only fun but it meets all safety requirements and is kept in tip top shape to ensure your child’s safety. Our teachers are constantly moving and supervising to make sure your little one is have a great time while keeping safe and following playground rules.

Along with a beautiful playscape, our little ones enjoy water play, sand play, outdoor finger painting, arts and crafts, gardening, bike riding, games, relays, imaginary play and, now and then, a good old-fashioned outdoor picnic. An additional property provides a larger area where older children enjoy basketball, sports and large group activities. This additional area is soon to be the home of our new building addition.