Meals & Menus

Meals Are Included!

We provide a hot, homemade, nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day. Our meals are prepared and made-from-scratch in our kitchen daily and served family-style in our dining room, so children eat as much or as little as they feel they need to.

Eating as a family, alongside teachers and peers, promotes healthy eating habits, better social skills, and a healthy environment. Children may try a new food or learn proper table manners from a peer more so than a teacher or parent. It also allows for a cleaner classroom environment and keeps food and crumbs out of our learning and play areas.

We believe that teachers should not be burdened with the task of housekeeping or heating meals, or cleaning up after the children in the classroom, when they have the important job of supervision and safety as a priority. It is difficult to heat up a meal and clean up while caring for an entire classroom, so we provide cleaning and cook staff to make sure teachers are free to do what they do best…teach!

Healthy & Nutritious Menus

Our menu is a 6-week rotating menu that takes seasonal fruits and veggies into consideration as well as the weather and temperature. Nothing is worse than hot chicken soup in 110% weather or a cold sandwich on a chilly raining day! During the spring and fall we also serve organic veggies the children have grown in our own organic garden as a side dish or snack. During the summer months, you will see lighter and fresher sides and meals and an occasional outdoor picnic or cook out.

H2O a.k.a WATER

Here at AMC we encourage children to drink a lot of water to make sure every child is properly hydrated. As you may know our bodies are made of 60% water and our brain is made of 70% water, so how can we function, learn or play properly without proper hydration?

We encourage and promote children to drink water throughout the day using BPA free water bottles, water fountains and pitchers of water on our dining tables at breakfast, lunch and snack. By January 2014 will install a Berkey Water Filter System for cooking and drinking which takes our city’s filtration system a step further to ensure we are drinking the purest form of water possible.